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All of Clark Tracks Forest Machinery Tracks are manufactured from special boron alloy steel. The durability and toughness of the steel is maximised using specialised induction heating processes. Specifically designed and manufactured steel sections and forgings are used to give high performance combined with the longest possible working life. Each set of tracks has been manufactured for use with a particular tyre and should only be used as recommended.

Flotation FL15 / FL16

The FL15 Flotation Forest Machine Track is a proven design, combined with the Lite-Link system it offers traction and excellent flotation for most ground types.

  • Wide, close spaced flotation plate design offers low ground pressure.
  • Lite-link system design offers smooth running with low rolling resistance.
  • Tried and proven ‘U’ shape plate ensures excellent traction

TERRAlite TL85 / TL95

Terra Forest Machine Track features a unique double grouser track plate offering exceptional grip and traction in most ground conditions which, combined with the Lite-Link system offers a high performance track with smooth running and minimal disturbance. This track is designed for use on most sizes and types of forest machine.

  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue.
  • Arguably the best multi terrain tracks on the market.
  • Can be used all year round Tempered for cold weather durability.


SuperGrip Single

SuperGrip Single wheel tracks are an alternative to wheel chains on 6 wheel drive harvesters and forwarders. Once fitted, wheel tracks are designed to improve productivity through minimal maintenance and allow access to steeper, more demanding sites.

  • Supplied as standard with 3-2-3 Multi Studs.
  • Available with Terra and Grouzer profiles for extra grip and traction.
  • NEW: Available with TXL profile and Lite-Links for extra flotation.

Grouzer GL84

Grouzer tracks are designed to give security and confidence on demanding steep and rough terrain whilst providing good flotation on ground unable to support non-tracked vehicles.

  • Single Grouzer section giving confidence and security in virtually all ground conditions.
  • Lite-Link system offers smooth running with minimal ground disturbance.
  • Exceptional climbing ability.

Terra-X Combi

Combining the advanced features of our Terra-X track with the performance proven design of our Terra track this new combination track offers excellent flotation for larger machines whilst offering improved traction and climbing ability. The wider space between track plates can also allow improved cleaning when used in sticky mud conditions.

  • Lite-Link system offers smooth running with low ground pressure and minimal ground disturbance.
  • Improved traction and climbing compared to TXL.
  • Better cleaning when used in some mud and snow conditions.
  Terra-X Combi

Terra-X TXL150

Terra-X tracks are the most advanced flotation track designed for use on large forest machines. They provide excellent traction combined with minimal ground damage. Manufactured with special profile boron steel, these tracks can be offered with extended side width for additional flotation.

  • Advanced flotation track that offers excellent traction.
  • Close spaced, extra wide tracks for maximum flotation.
  • Heavy duty design for use on large machines.
  • Suitable for forest roads and sensitive soils.
  • Available with extra width where machine design permits.
  • Numerous spike options available.
  • Clark Tracks lowest ground pressure track.
  Terra-X TXL150

Rocky RL50

Rocky tracks feature a wide spaced square section track plate design for superior grip and traction on large machines working in demandingly steep and rocky conditions.

  • Square section track plate for optimum traction in rocky terrain.
  • Heavy duty for use on large machines.
  • Exceptional climbing ability.


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