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Iggesund Forest is Scandinavia's largest manufacturer of harvester bars and all our manufacturing is done in Strömsbruk, Sweden. Since 2011, we are part of the Olofsfors group based in Nordmaling, Sweden. Olofsfors is the global market leader in tracks for forestry equipment. We have decided to bring together our marketing departments, becoming more efficient with a better focus on the export markets.



Harvester bars R7 & R8

Our new swords, R7 and R8 are developed with the harvester operator in focus. It is the operator that tells us how a sword should look like, how it will work and how long it will keep.

  • Holes instead of slots gives a steady attachment without play holding centre slot intact, which increases the life of the bar considerabely.
  • The sword is the optimal width for maximum stability.
  • Our unique heat treatment process makes the sword extremely rigid and durable.
  • R-Series special alloy provides unparalleled sword springback characteristics.
  • The nose sprocket has 12 teeth, which reduces the speed and thus friction and wear.
  • Riveted joints in high alloy boron steel.
  • Hardened shims guide and protect the nose sprocket bearing.
  • The precision machined chain slot on the R-series guides the chain perfectly so that it runs smoothly and transports the oil along the sawbar.


Harvester RSN Bars

Solid harvester bar for 3/4" chain R9

Our sawbars are developed with an emphasis on the harvester operator. It is the professional who sets out what's needed:that equipment must work and deliver time after time. Thanks to our long experience we have managed to translate the requirements into a product of outstanding quality for both Swedish and foreign contractors.

R9 detail


Harvester Saw Chains

Our saw chains are a perfect match to our sawbars. It is important that both work together in harmony to ensure superior cutting performance. The saw chains are durable and easy to maintain. They have a long life and a long interval between sharpening moments.

Harvester saw chains

Drive sprocket/Nose sprocket

Our customers wish to work with the same quality accessories throughout. This has led to the production of drive and bar tip sprockets that conform to the same demands as the sawbar.

  • Optimal hardened steel pinion high durability.
  • Special molding technology provides perfect shape and balance at high speeds.
  • Drive sprockets available from 9-17 teeth and with three different bore.
  • The nose sprocket has 12 teeth, which reduces speed and hence the friction and wear.
Drive sprocket


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