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John Deere

John Deere filters are continually subjected to intensive quality control monitoring and testing during the manufacturing process. These high standards are necessary to protect the valuable investment in your John Deere engine. Tests Deere oil filters are subjected to are as follows:

  • Filter media quality
  • Filter efficiency rating
  • Filter pressure capability
  • Filter media pleat spacing
  • Strength of the bond between the filter media and the element end cap
  • Fatigue life of canister
  • Pressure capability of filter seal to engine


Q8Oils offers the full range of agricultural lubricants, such as gear and transmission oils, and these are applicable to all major vehicle manufacturers. Continual development of these oils is in response to customer demand and original equipment manufacturers’ needs and there is a strong focus on bio degradable and environmentally friendly lubricants.

Q8 Holbein NWG 46

Hydraulic systems used in environmental sensitive area’s for which biodegradable fluids are recommended who do not endanger aquatic life (NWG).

  • Mineral oil free special additives
  • Wide application temperature range due to low pour point and high viscosity index
  • Compatible with mineral and rapeseed oils
  • Extended drain intervals due to high oxidation stability



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