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Efficient and flexible thinning harvester, ideal for stand-operating thinning.

ROTTNE H8 is a thinning harvester with unique properties. The two-part chassis with an articulated joint in the centre produces precise tracking, and when combined with its levelling capabilities, the H8 harvester becomes extremely flexible and easily driven and leaves a minimum of damage when working out in the stand. When you need to move backwards the rear-view camera automatically presents pictures on the D5 computer display. Work becomes simple and effortless – throughout!

Advantages of harvester ROTTNE H8

  • ROTTNE H-8 has a narrow and compact chassis with a swing arm system that gives the machine unique terrain handling qualities. The four wheel arms have a large swing movement, which means levelling can equal out both lengthways and sideways inclines, as well as give good ground clearance over stony and uneven terrain. Space requirements are minimised and weight distribution is improved so that processing can be performed at full reach even laterally.
  • The newly-developed cab features a modern design where the operator actually sits in the centre. The spacious and comfortable cab with its large windows affords the operator an excellent view of the entire working area. The ergonomically designed operator station has well-thought-out instrument panels to the side and in front of the operator’s seat, which has air suspension and is equipped with Airvent. The adjustable armrests feature integrated lever panels with function keys used regularly during felling and processing. Boxes and storage space for your daily work and effective ACC climate control give the operator a pleasant day at work.
  • Serviceability is an important factor during development work on all ROTTNE machines. Downtime can prove expensive for machine owners and good service access can significantly reduce the time needed for servicing, repairs and cleaning. The entire engine compartment can be accessed easily by tilting the engine hood back and moving the oil tanks to the side. The distribution box with fuses and relays, and computers, are well positioned for easy access.

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