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Rottne H8D - an updated classic for for stand-operating thinning!

ROTTNE H8D is a thinning harvester with unique characteristics. The two-part chassis with an articulated joint in the centre produces precise tracking. When combined with its levelling capabilities, the variable transmission with automatic anti-spin makes H8 extremely flexible and easy to drive, which creates the conditions for an undamaged stand.

Designed for stand-operating thinning

Rottne H8D is an ideal harvester for stand-operating thinning and with various working route system options it can handle strip road distances without manual intermediate zone felling.

Since the machine works inside the stand, it is easier for the operator to decide which trees need to be thinned, this is because it is never more than 6–7 metres to the trees. The risk of damage to standing forest is also reduced considerably than if thinning were to be performed from a strip road 10–12 metres away.

Advantages of harvester ROTTNE H8D

    Rottne H8D is the same responsive machine as its predecessor, but with numerous improvements and new features:
    • Variable transmission with anti-spin
    • Lower noise level
    • Improved hose routing
    • New oil cooling
    • New hose routing and new cylinders on Rottne EGS406
    • FT4 engine with reversible fan
    • Electrically operated cab-tilt and engine hood
    • Larger fuel tank (one tank instead of two as on H8B)
    • Reinforced crane with new hose routing
    • Large water tank for the stump spray application
  • POWER TECH PLUS - eco-friendly engine. ROTTNE H8D has a powerful Tier 4 diesel engine that comfortably fulfills applicable emission requirements for current diesel engines.
  • SWING ARM SYSTEM – gives unique terrain qualities. ROTTNE H8D has a narrow and compact chassis with a swing arm system that gives the machine unique terrain handling qualities.
  • CAB – ergonomic operator station with luxury comfort. The spacious and comfortable cab with its large windows affords the operator an excellent view of the entire working area. The ergonomically designed operator station has well-thought-out instrument panels to the side and in front of the operator’s seat, which has air suspension and is equipped with Airvent.
  • SERVICE FRIENDLY with electrically operated cab-tilt and engine hood. Serviceability is an important factor during development work on all ROTTNE machines.
  • ROTTNE D5 - a highly competent control system. The Rottne D5 machine control system, which is based on CAN-bus technology, controls and monitors the engine, transmission and crane. The system comprises a main computer and a number of control units on the machine.
  • ROTTNE FORESTER - the new generation of bucking computer. ROTTNE Forester is a quick and easy-to-use bucking system that is common to all our harvesters. A large and clear touchscreen (common to Forester and D5) shows information in a well-arranged manner and makes it simple to program different settings.

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